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Aathmika slams troller

Aathmika of ‘Meesaya Murukku’ fame has hit out at a troller, who tweeted a collage with Vivek, Vadivelu and Chiyaan Vikram’s effeminate look along with her photo to extend Women’s Day greetings.

The actress, who has ‘Naragasooran’ and ‘Kaatteri’ in the pipeline, said, “Dear brother, First of all I’m so glad that you are comparing me with these legends in the picture. Grateful ! And secondly, this response is not only to you but to people with similar mindsets. 

Do you think I feel bad looking at this picture or I feel funny? I neither felt both. I feel bad for you, the way you have been conditioned from your childhood to understand how a man and woman should exactly look.. brother, it doesn’t really matter! 

Infact I’m so curious to know how physically beautiful you are. Even if you’re a Hrithik Roshan lookalike, I still feel you are an ugly person because you don’t have a beautiful heart. You seek happiness in hurting others. I just pray for you to heal and understand.”


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