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Kabilavasthu Review by Naveen

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Director Nesam Murali is on a mission. His sole aim in ‘Kabilavasthu’ seems to be highlighting the woes faced by those living on the pavements of a city.
Though many of us come across such people on a daily basis, it is a doubt whether we really care for their betterment. But, Murali has done that in ‘Kabilavasthu’ in a hard hitting manner.

A woman (Meera Krishnan) who gets pregnant through illegal way, delivers a baby boy in a public toilet and leaves it there. The boy is brought up by a conservancy worker and he grows on (Nesam Murali) to become the caretaker of the lavatory.

A young woman (Nandini) lives on a pavement near the public utility along with her family and her dream is to save money and rent a house. She becomes friend of Murali.

When she faces a trouble, Murali helps her out. However, Murali gets into a tussle and goes to jail. When he comes out, he is shocked to know that Nandini and her family are missing from the pavement.

The rest of Kabilavasthu is all about whether Murali is able to find out Nandini and join hands with her.

Murali’s acting and touching scenes are the higlights of the movie. The rest of the cast, especially Nandini, Meera Krishnan and Baby Aishwarya, have done good job. 

Srikanth Deva’s music is a strength, equally good is Viji’s camera work. While focusing more on highlighting the problems of pavement dwellers, Murali has missed out on certain things, especially technicalities. But, ‘Kabilavasthu’ is a honest and touching attempt.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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