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Boomerang Review by Naveen

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Director Kannan, a former associate of Mani Ratnam, made his directorial debut with ‘Jayamkondaan’, and followed it up with ‘Kanden Kadhalai’, ‘Vanthaan Vendraan’, ‘Settai’, ‘Oru Oorla Rendu Raja’ and ‘Ivan Thanthiran’.

Now he has teamed up with Atharvaa for ‘Boomerang’, a film which equally focuses on entertaining and educating the audience. While the premise is interesting, the way things were executed makes the movie a curate’s egg.

As the story begins, a complicated surgery is performed to Siva, who suffers from severe injuries on his face. Doctors decide that swapping his face with that of Sakthi (Atharvaa) is the only option to rectify his facial deformities.
After he gets discharged from the hospital post the surgery, Siva gets attacked by some strangers. As attempts to bump him off take place again and again, Siva decides to find out the roots of Sakthi.

To achieve the mission, he goes to Tiruchirapalli along with his girlfriend (Megha Akash) and friend Gopal (Sathish). There, he meets Maya (Indhuja), who narrates the touching story of Sakthi.

As she narrates what happened to Sakthi, Siva decides to take revenge. What follows is scenes that bat for the need to do farming, that explain the ill-effects of corportae culture and more.

Atharva has come up with a good performance and he emotes well. Both Megha Akash and Indhuja are beautiful and good, while Sathish and RJ Balaj tickle the funny bone.

With a technically sound team, Kannan has come out with a message-oriented movie without missing on the entertainment factor. A little more concentration on screenplay would certainly have made things better.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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