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90 ML Review by Naveen

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90 ML

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While films like ‘Boys’ (by Shankar), ‘Goa’ (by Venkat Prabhu) and the recent adult comedies of GV Prakash Kumar and Gautham Karthik focussed on merriment of men, ’90 ML’ directed by Anitha Udeep raises the question- ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’

A film by woman (directed by Anitha Udeep) of women (starring Oviya and a gang of young women in lead roles) and for women (also for men, too), ’90 ML’ is a fun ride in most parts, but with its own limitations.

Thamarai (Bommu Lakshmi), Kajal (Masoom Shankar), Paru (Sree Gopika) and Suganya (Monisha Ram) live in an apartment complex. Each one of them has her own set of problems in life.

While Thamarai gets addicted to drinking as she is scared of her rogue husband who is a henchman, Kajal’s husband has an extra-marital affair since they are unable to spend quality time on bed due to their daughter.
For Paru, her husband can’t forget his ex-lover, and hence, is unable to focus on family. Suganya’s problem is that her family is against her love affair since her lover is a girl. 

Even as the above four are unable to find a way to come out of their problems, enters Rita (Oviya) to the flat complex. She is in a live-in relationship and enjoys life in her own terms.

She befrieds Thamarai, Kajal, Paru and Suganya and suggests solutions to their problems. She also wants them to enjoy life to the fullent extent possible.

Oviya is no doubt the biggest attraction of ’90 ML’ and it’s like watching her on ‘Bigg Boss’. She is daring, funny and outspoken. Bommu Lakshmi and Sree Gopika are terrific, while Monisha Ram and Masoom Shankar too are good.

Aravind Krishna’s cinematography is stylish and smart, while editing and other technical departments are strong. Music by STR is peppy and he also appears in a cameo.

On the flip side, the director has glorified drinking and smoking too much in the name of liberation of women. Also, the screenplay lacks strength. However, the topic is relevant and the presentation and promotions will pull crowds to theatres.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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