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If you are a fan of political satires, ‘LKG’ is your cup of tea. And, if you are a fan of RJ Balaji brand of comedy, a double delight awaits you at a theatre showing ‘LKG’.

The film, written by Balaji and directed by K R Prabhu with the radio jockey-turned-actor playing the lead role as well, is a funny take on serious political happenings both in Tamil Nadu and in Delhi.
Lalgudi Karuppaiah Krishnan, shortly LKG (RJ Balaji), is a ward councillor. Son of a failed politician and orator (Nanjil Sampath), LKG wants to make it big in politics.

He ropes in the services of a political corporate strategist Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand), by convincing Sarala and her team that he can help them study big politicians.

Strategies are devised and finally, LKG becomes famous with a funny song. He gets noticed by Deputy Chief Minister Bhojappan (Ramkumar), who is running the State due to the hospitalisation of the Chief Minister.
As the CM dies, Bhojappan fields LKG as the party’s candidate in the by-election. But LKG has to face the biggest challenge from Ramaraj Pandian (JK Ritheesh), under whose control the constituency is.

Somehow, LKG reaches the Chief Minister’s chair too. But, he gets shot at when he is about to be sworn in as the chief minister. What happens to him and who is behind the assassination bid form the rest.

RJ Balaji is at his best, delivering humour in almost every scene and dialogue. Priya Anand is pretty and delivers a good performance. Nanjil Sampath is welcome to cinema, while J K Ritheesh fits well to the role of the politico.

Leon James has come up with good songs, while cinematography and editing are also good. Though the romantic track feels odd, there is no denying that the film is hilarious from start to end.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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