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“Kanne Kalaimaane” Review by Naveen

Farm Vs Finance

Kanne Kalaimaane

– Review

Director Seenu Ramasamy is a filmmaker who is passionate about highlighting rural tales while Udhayanidhi Stalin is an actor who looks forward for challenging roles to equip his skills.

The two have come together for ‘Kanne Kalaimaane’, a film that is about a farmer and the manager of a cooperative bank. Let us check out how the movie is.

Kamalakannan (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is a farmer and a do-gooder. He does organic farming and helps people around. He also raises his voice in issues such as NEET and farmers’ suicides.

For Kamalakannan, the two most important persons in his life are his father (Poo Ram) and grandmother (Vadivukkarasi). He will never do anything against their wishes.

Kamalakannan takes loans for the sake of the needy in his village and this quality of him lands him in trouble when a new manager Bharathi (Tamannah) takes charge at the cooperative bank.

She initially mistakes him as a defaulter, but understands his good qualities later. Following this, the two fall in love. However, Kamalakannan’s father and grandmother are not ready to accept their relationship, since Bharathi is from a different community.

Udhayanidhi Stalin has come up with a convincing performance, while Tamannah gives right emotions. But, somehow, she doesn’t exactly fit into this character. Poo Ram is solid, while Vadivukkarasi and Vasundhara are right picks.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is good, while cinematography is one of the highlights of the movie. The village visuals are cool and casual. Editing could have been crisp.

Seenu Ramasamy, who has taken up a nice idea, has not succeeded much in converting it into a full-fledged feature film. As a result, despite its positive aspects and feel good factors, it feels like as if we are watching a mega serial or a film made in the 1980s.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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