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LKG team visits memorials of 5 Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu

LKG Team Visits Memorials Of 5 Chief Ministers Of Tamil Nadu

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LKG team visits memorials of 5 Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu

It’s quite a commonality, where we come across movies that possess satirical take on the contemporary political or societal issues merely as a small segment. In reality, it’s been a noteworthy scarcity of authentic ‘Political Satires’ for it needs a high sensible writing to craft such stories and make them into movies.

On the dot, RJ Balaji’s LKG has gained such an immense fame prior to the release for the visual promos and songs have already proved of such brilliant flashes. Moreover, it’s first of its kind scenario to see a film has got screens for early hour shows completely for such appealing content. The team have visited the memorial of the five late honourable chief ministers of Tamil Nadu who were permanently etched in the memories of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Sharing this experience, actor RJ Balaji says, “ This is to express our gratitude and respect to the departed leaders who have imparted an inspirational journey across decades. When spiritual movies on Goddess Amman or any other deities were made, the respective actors like KR Vijaya madam and others would fast as a ritual of devotion seeking their blessings. In same manner, we sought the blessings of our honourable leaders – Annadurai, MG Ramachandran, Kamarajar, Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Selvi Jayalalitha, visiting their memorials. We have tried conveying the most wonderful things that these leaders have imparted during their realms through our movie LKG.”

The visit across memorials had the entire team of LKG including Producer Isari K Ganesh, RJ Balaji, Priya Anand, Nanjil Sampath, JK Rithesh, Music Director Leon James and others. Hitting screens worldwide on February 22, LKG is produced by Isari K Ganesh for Vels Film International, which is directed by Prabhu and scripted by RJ Balaji and friends.

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