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RJ Balaji makes shocking revelations

Radio jockey-turned-actor RJ Balaji, who is making his heroic debut political satire ‘LKG’, has made a shocking revelation about politician Nanjil Sampath who is playing a key role in the movie.

Speaking to the media in Chennai, Balaji said, “I thought it would be great if Nanjil Sampath plays an important role in the film. When I called and went to his residence, it was a small 600 square feet housing board flat. 
After narrating the script, Sampath sir’s only condition was that I should pay his son’s college fee! First we called him to play the role of a politician with negative shades but later, based on his real life we change his characterization in the film.”

Stating that ‘LKG’ is not just a political spoof, Balaji said it would be a message-oriented film that says a lot of good things to the audiences, apart from being a comic entertainer that trolls the political scenario. 
“Over the past two years, I stopped myself from acting in films as a comedian as I was not happy with the characters that I got to do,” he added.
“A lot of people advised me against it, telling me to continue as a comedian and earn good money. But instead, I invested the time in writing the script of LKG,” he continued.

Balaji, who plays the role of a politician called Lalgudi Karuppaiah Gandhi in the movie directed by KR Prabhu, said, “Soon after the Chennai floods, I realized that only 57% of voting were recorded at the elections. When I interacted with a lot of youngsters, I came to know that they haven’t been voting since they don’t know who to vote for and why. 

“I personally feel that LKG will educate and encourage them to cast their votes at the upcoming elections. It is not a film to announce my entry into politics nor target any politician or party. It is a socially charged film,” he added.

The film has Priya Anand as heroine. Music is composed by Leon James.


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