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Goko Mako Review by Naveen

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Goko Mako

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‘Goko Mako’ is directed by Arun Kanth, featuring Ramkumar, Dhanusha, Ajay Rathnam, Chaams, Y Gee Mahendra and Delhi Ganesh as key characters. 

The highlights of the movie are: It was entirely shot with GoPro camera, the shoot was completed in just 12 days, the budget was, believe it or not, mere Rs 25 lakh, and the tickets for the movie are being sold for just Rs 100 in some multiplexes.

The story is simple: It follows the happenings between a young couple (Ramkumar and Dhanusha) in a candid camera manner. Other characters (Delhi Ganesh, Y Gee Mahendra etc) too revolve around them.
The cast, a mix of newcomers and experienced, has performed well. The title is inspired by a colloquial term commonly used by the youth in Coimbatore and the movie reflects that mood.

The director is also the story and screenplay writer, music composer, sound designer, production designer, choreographer, dubbing engineer, graphic designer, colourist, costume designer, lyric writer, singer, and producer of the movie and he has given his best to all the departments.

Goko Mako, which gives us the feeling of watching TikTok videos, is a novel attempt in Tamil cinema. The run-time of just 96 minutes is a major relief to the audience.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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