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Chithiram Pesuthadi 2 Review by Naveen

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Chithiram Pesuthadi 2

– Review

More than a decade ago, when ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi’ hit the screens, it marked the debut of director Mysskin and became one of the best flicks of that year. Cut to present, ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi 2’, directed by Rajan Madhav, is here.

The film is not a remake of Mysskin’s movie. Rather, it was originally made in the name of ‘Ula’ but was renamed as ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi 2’ in an apparent bid to woo the film trade and audience.

The hyperlink story of ‘CP 2’ goes like this: Thiru (Vidharth), a henchman, and Salim (Ashok) attempt to murder Sadasivam, a rich man. When they try to escape from the spot, they are spotted by Kathir (Nandan Loganathan), who is going to meet his lover Priya (Gayathri) in a bid to elope with her.
While Kathir tries to save Sadasivam, Priya’s bag is stolen by petty thieves Senthil (Nivas Aadithan) and Palani (Blade Shankar). In the meantime, Vicky (Ajmal), who is a musician, comes forward to blackmail a Minister (Azhagamperumal) to give money to Sadasivam to get back his house.
Meanwhile, Parasuraman (Naren) plans to rob Manikandan (Subbu Panchu), who is Sadasivam’s friend (and the one who ordered the duo to kill him) by availing the services of Senthil and Palani. It is also revealed that Durga (Radhika Apte), Sadasivam’s wife, also wants to kill him.
While Senthil is deeply in love with Dhanam (Nivedhitha), a sex worker, Vicky’s girlfriend Nandita (Priya Banerjee) wants to take revenge on her brother for creating troubles to her boyfriend. 

As if these episodes are not enough, a gang of criminals kidnaps a teenaged girl and they share their den with Thiru. How and why these characters unite at a point form the crux of ‘Chithiram Pesuthadi 2’.

Since the film was made a few years ago, actors like Vidharth and Ajmal look young. And they have presented a convincing performance too. 
Rajan Madhav, who has effortlessly woven multiple storylines into one screenplay, misses out in establishing the characters. There are some minor flaws too. But, the intentions of the director are good and he has tied up the knots in an engrossing manner.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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