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Podhu Nalan Karudhi – review by Naveen

Message is the mission

Podhu Nalan Karudhi

– Review

Director Zion is a man on a mission. He has taken upon himself the twin task of making a movie with a message, but without missing out on the entertainment factor. The end-product is ‘Podhu Nalan Karudhi’
Starring a mix of newcomers and veterans in lead roles, the film narrates the story of loan sharks in the city of Chennai in a raw manner.
The story, after detailing about the money lenders, moves on to an ego clash that erupts between them, since they want to prove their might. In the war between them, the lives of ordinary people too get affected.
Who are the loan sharks? Why there is a fight between them? How innocent people get affected because of them? Is there any solution at sight? ‘Podhu Nalan Karudhi’ attempts to find answers to all these questions.
Adhith Arun is good, while leading ladies Anu Sithara and Subiksha are just regular heroines. The ones who impress us are Karunakaran, Yog Japee and Santosh. While the first plays a middle-class man who is in search of his missing brother, the second plays the most ruthless money shark, and the third a gangster who is ready to do anything for his boss.
Imman Annachi is also there in the flick. Technically, ‘Podhu Nalan Karudhi’ is adequate. With certain scenes becoming over-the-top, we can’t avoid the feeling that things could have been better.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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