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A bunch of youngsters are lodged in a juvenile jail. Their travails inside the prison, their urge to come out of it, how they manage to escape and what happens to them after that forms the crux of ‘Sagaa’.

Directed by Murugesh, the film has a solid premise. The opening scenes are impressive, both in terms of content and cinematography. But the movie loses the fizz as scenes unfold.

Saran, Prithvi, Kishore, Sree Ram and Pandi have played key roles in this flick, while Prithvi Pandiarajan, son of veteran Pandiarajan, has played a negative role.

Sai Dheena, who was seen flicks such as ‘Theri’ and the much recent ‘Thimiru Pidichavan’, appears as a menacing jail warden and his performance is of top notch.

Cinematography by Niran Chander is one of the biggest highlights of the movie. Director Murugesh strives to strike a fine balance between reality and commercial cinema. While the idea is good, writing is just ordinary.
Another plus point of the movie is music by Shabir. The song Yaayum is already a hit and it is a pleasant experience to watch it with splendid visuals. With good performance by the lead actors and an interesting backdrop, ‘Sagaa’ impresses in parts.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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