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Simba – Review by Naveen

Doggy Style


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No, don’t get any ideas by reading the heading. ‘Simba’ is not yet another adult comedy in Tamil cinema. It’s Kollywood’s first stoner comedy- that’s what the makers claim.

Bharath, who is in need of a hit, has joined hands with Premgi Amaran and director Aravind Sridhar for this flick, which works in parts due to its novelty and making.

Mahesh (Bharath) leads a lonely life and gets addicted to drugs. One day, when he is under the influence of dope, his neighbour Madhu (Bhanu Sri Mehra) requests him to take care of her pet Great Dane.

Since Mahesh has taken the hit, the dog appears to him as a man (Premgi Maren). He starts interacting wth the Great Dane. He also falls in love with Madhu and seeks the help of the dog.

The rest of Simba is all about whether the pet and Mahesh succeed or not in their attempts to make her love him.

The film, which sounds totally new to the audience in its initial scenes, ends up like its protagonist, a stoner, as things proceed. 

As the screenplay loses track, Premgi Amaran and technical departments try to save it by giving their best. The director should be appreciated for trying something out of the box. He is aptly aided by music and cinematography departments.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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