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Dad & Daughter – Friday Spl. article by Naveen

Only recently, Mykollywood.com published an article that spoke about how Tamil cinema, which was popular for its mother sentiment stories, is lately witnessing films on fathers too. That story however mainly focussed on movies that celebrated the bonding between fathers and sons.

Now, we have found another interesting idea- films on affection between dads and daughters. This special relationship is of late becoming the story line of Tamil flicks and here are some of them.

‘Viswasam’, starring Ajith in the lead role, hit the screens on January 10 ahead of Pongal and is running successfully in theatres across Tamil Nadu. 

Ajith has played Thuku Durai, a village ruffian who marries Dr Niranjana (Nayanthara) of Mumbai. They become parents of a girl child. Soon, Niranjana realises that she has made a wrong decision in marital life, when she finds Durai is not ready to stay away from disputes even after becoming father.

Following this, Niranjana, along with her little daughter, separates from Durai and moves to Mumbai. A decade passes. Durai, who is urged by his relatives to start a fresh life, goes to Mumbai to reunite with his wife and daughter.

There, he finds that the life of his daughter is under danger from Gautham Veer (Jagapathi Babu), a leading businessman who believes that Durai’s daughter is the reason behind the ill-health of his daughter.
The rest is all about how Durai protects her daughter and her makes her achieve her dreams. The performance of Ajith and Baby Anikha who has played his daughter has come in for much appreciation.

In this police story, Vijay has played father to a school-going child (Baby Nainika, daughter of Meena). The film opens showing us Vijay leading a happy life in Kerala with his daughter Nivi (Baby Nainika), who is now in kindergarten, and is running a bakery with Rajendran. 
But there is a violent flashback, in which Vijay is shown as a top police officer, whose family including wife Mithra (Samantha) is eliminated by a Minister. 

As per Mithra’s dying wish, he gave up violence and raises Nivi to be non-violent. He meets Annie (Amy Jackson), Nivi’s class teacher, and both become good friends. Annie soon finds out about that Joseph is none other than police officer Vijay Kumar, but Vijay warns her not to tell Nivi about it. 

One day, while Nivi is going on an excursion, the brakes of the school bus fail and the bus plunges into the backwater. Vijay, with the help of Annie, Rajendran and the local people, manages to rescue Nivi and the other children. 

He finds out that Minister Vanamaamalai, who has found out that he and Nivi are still alive, is responsible for the bus plunging into the backwater in order to kill Nivi. Enraged, he decides to abandon his non-violent principles and destroy Vanamaamalai and his gang once and for all.


The song ‘Unakenna venum sollu…’ in ‘Yennai Arindhaal’ is the favourite of many fathers and daughters. It’s about the love between police officer Sathyadev (Ajith Kumar) and Isha (Baby Anikha), the daughter of his lover Hemanika (Trisha). 

On the day of Sathyadev’s marriage with Hemanika, the latter is killed: Sathyadev and Isha are heartbroken. Sathyadev decides to quit his job and travels with Isha around India with his colleague Richard’s (Vivek) help. After he returns, his neighbour’s children have gone missing. He discovers that Victor (Arun Vijay) is helping his boss Muruganandham (Suman), stealing organs illegally with foreign doctors to help him. 
Sathyadev is able to find the children and their next target, Thenmozhi (Anushka). Victor and his team kidnap Isha. Victor said he will give Isha if they give Thenmozhi, which Sathyadev accepts. The rest is all about how Sathyadev saves Isha and Thenmozhi.


‘Thanga Meenkal’ is a 2013 film co-written and directed by Ram and story written by Ram and his daughter Shri Sankara Gomathy Ram.
Ram, besides wielding the megaphone, played the lead role as well alongside newcomers Sadhana and Shelly Kishore. A joint production of Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Photon Kathaas and R S Infotainment, the film features score and soundtrack composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. 

The story is about a poor laborer Kalyani (Ram) who is devoted to his young daughter Chellamma (Baby Sadhana), but the child has problems at school with her studies, classmates, and teachers. 

Kalyani wants Chellamma to be happy, no matter what. Kalyani is a man who toils pretty hard to meet both ends, thereby trying not to live in his father’s (Poo Ramu) shade, but is forced to.

The film opened to positive reviews from critics, but was declared as an average grosser by box office analysts. It won three prizes at the 61st National Film Awards including Best Tamil film award. It was the only Tamil film to be screened at Indian Panorama in International Film Festival of India, IFFI, Goa, 2013.

By Naveen


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