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Sowcar Janaki’s comments evoke criticism; Chinmayi cries, Samantha supports

Some recent comments made by veteran actress Sowcar Janaki on the #MeToo movement have hurt Chinmayi and others.

“What these women are going to gain out of this? You would have accepted something a long back and using for your promotion now. Such things will bring down your family reputation,” she said.

Following this, singer Chinmayi reacted: “For those who don’t know what the Sowcar madam and YGM sir interview is – THIS is the one. If I have to be honest, I did cry after watching it. “Nadandhadhu and Nadakkadhadhu” How MANY from the industry have shielded and protected predators? And the MeToo jokes – Slow clap.”

Coming to her support, Samantha Akkineni tweeted: “It’s sad that you have a better understanding than some women . God bless you .. prouder than ever”.

Chinmayi’s husband and actor Rahul Ravindran wrote: “Dear young girls who are growing up trying to make sense of the world around you…. please respect people like Sowcar Janaki amma and Y G Mahendran sir and plenty of other ‘such’ people, for all that they have achieved in their respective fields.

But please don’t be influenced by what they say about things they clearly have zero understanding of. They are victims of the same centuries old conditioning that they are inadvertently trying to pass on to you. Before you realise it, you WILL be conditioned by their advice. You will lose your last drop of capacity for original thought.

If a man, or woman for that matter, misbehaves with you, always always remember that it’s not your fault. There’s nothing for you to be ashamed of. And if it rattles you, traumatises you into silence, let yourself heal. Take your time. Get over the trauma first, then slowly find the energy and mental strength to come out and talk about it. To tell people who did it to you. Even if it takes years for you to find that strength.”


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