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Maari 2 review by Naveen

Return of the Rowdy

Maari 2

– Review

When the duo of Balaji Mohan and Dhanush announced sequel to ‘Maari’, many were in for surprise since the film was neither a big hit nor raved by the critics.

And in ‘Maari 2’, the director and the actor show us why decided to go for the sequel. ‘Maari 2’, which starts where ‘Maari’ ended, is a value added version of the first part, and comes with the extra baggage of emotions, sentiments and more.

While this acts as plus point at some places, the same becomes the minus of the movie too at certain scenes. But Dhanush, who shoulders the major burden, manages to run the show.

Maari (Dhanush) rules his area along with his best friend Kalai (Kreshna). Though the don is game for all ‘atrocities’, he is against drug business.
However, the rival gang wants to partner with Maari to ensure hurdle-free business. In the meantime, Gangadhar Beeja aka Thanatos (Tovino Thomas), a hardened criminal, wants to take revenge against Maari for killing his brother.

Beeja almost succeeds in his attempt and is about to finish off Maari and his girlfriend Anandhi (Sai Pallavi), But the couple escape and settle in Tenkasi where they lead a normal life.

However, situations force Maari to come back to Chennai and emerge as don again, as he has to settle score with his enemies. 
Dhanush rocks with his sizzling performance and fits the role to a T. Sai Pallavi steals the show with an energising and power-packed performance. Robo Shankar, Tovino and others are right choices for their respective characters.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score adds momentum to the proceedings, while his Rowdy Baby song will make the audience to dance. Editor G K Prasanna has done a neat job and Om Prakash’s cinematography is colourful.

Despite a forced and cliched climax, and a predictable script, Maari 2, loaded with many commercial elements, will work with its target audience.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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