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Survival of the fittest


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A lot was talked and written about ‘KGF’, a film which has marked the Kollywood debut of Sandalwood star Yash. Now that the final product has hit the screens, let us check out whether it has lived up to the buzz.
The story is narrated by director Prashant Neel from the view of a journalist (Anant Nag), who chronicled the life of a don called Rocky (Yash) in the 1980s.

The non-linear narration then takes us to the 1950s and the 1960s, where a single mother, who lives in Mysore with her son in poor conditions, was about to die.

Before she breathes her lost, her son promises her that he would become the richest and the powerful man. After her death, he takes a train to Bombay (in 1960s) and earns his daily bread by polishing shoes. 
As he realises that his mission is something else, the boy, who names himself as Rocky (Yash), involves in wrongdoings. Even as when other boys of his age are busy playing hide and seek, Rocky is bumping off members of rival gangs in Bombay’s underworld. 

Soon, he emerges the tall don of the business capital of India. When he is all set to become the numero uno, the present king of Bombay’s underworld, who also happens to be Rocky’s mentor, gives him a plum offer.
Rocky’s boss wants him to kill a powerful man in Karnataka. Accepting the offer, Rocky comes to Kolar Gold Fields. Whether he is able to achieve his mission or not forms the rest of KGF.

Yash is in superb form. He single-handedly pulls a cart full of food supplies as others standby and watch it in awe. This is just an example as he makes many other impossible things possible.

While heroine Srinidhi Shetty has got nothing much to do, other characters are adequate. Three departments have worked well to make the movie a power-packed product and they are:  Music (Ravi Basur), Cinematography (Bhuvan Gowda) and Editing (Srikanth Gowda).

Though the second half is bumpy and the climax is open-ended (there is a sequel to ‘KGF’), the film is overall a power-packed one and is loaded with many mass moments.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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