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What stars do in their spare time? – Friday Spl. Article by Naveen

Many of us have hobbies and our stars are no exception. Popular personalities of Kollywood have an interesting side of their own. Taking time off their busy schedule, they do what they love to and pursue their hobbies.

This week, tracks the favourite pastimes of some prominent persons of Tamil film industry. Over to the article.


While racing, photography and cooking are already the well-known hobbies of the ‘thala’, his latest interest is aero modelling. He is already teaching this to the students of MIT, Chennai.

Recently, as soon as completing the shoot of ‘Viswasam’, he went to Germany where he visited Vario Helicopter office to make himself more familiar about aero modeling techniques and all the latest technologies. 
Vario management and officials were apparently awestruck by Ajith. The company said in a Facebook post: “Passion knows no limits. Shortly after he finished filming for his latest film, Ajith kumar took the plane to gräfe village to spend a few days with us.”

It added: “Vario helicopters are his passion, just like racing cars and being friendly and thoughtful to anyone he meets on his life. We like the idea that he builds his vario models even in hotel rooms: it’s a nice change for him in the evening when he works for a movie during the day.”

The fingers of maestro Ilayaraja are not just exemplary at composing music, but also at clicking beautiful photos. Whenever he gets time and whenever he is out of station, Ilayaraja makes it a point to shoot pictures.
Circles close to the ‘Isaignani’ say he loves to click nature on his lens. “His photographs are of high quality and taste, and they are on par with the pictures clicked any top professional photographer.”

When the reputed Photographic Society of Madras, touted to be the oldest in the country and the third-oldest in the world, decided to set up the first international digital photography salon in Chennai, it invited Ilayaraja to inaugurate it, thanks to his passion for photos.

We know how much Sivakumar loves painting. In fact, his popular words are he never wanted to become an actor and that was not his ambition.
The actor has said many a time that painting is his primary passion and that he is a better painter than an actor. “When my classmates were writing the alphabets, I would be drawing shapes out of those letters – cow, goat, train, tree and so on. I could draw things after observing them just once. I used to draw the spinal cord correctly when I was in sixth standard. I wanted to get into engineering after SSLC, but I was advised by my seniors that if I wanted to be the best student in my field, I should be taking up painting,” he said in an interview.

Though college for fine arts was a rarity at his time, the one, which he studied in was already 150 years old. “I was a student of the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Chennai from 1959 to 1965 and those years were the best period of my life. Most of the art work on display here was done during that time and during my travels across the country,” he said.

Both Vikranth and Vishnu Vishal are known for their love for cricket. They were hailed as run machines after they took part and scored big in various celebrity matches.

However last year, the best friends announced opting out of Celebrity Cricket League. Vishnu Vishal said at that time, “When we started to play CCL, it was purely for fun. We enjoyed it. But later there were too much of pressure on us and our (his and Vikranth) cricketing decisions were questioned frequently.”

“In spite of proving ourselves with the bat, and taking some important wickets, we had to keep justifying the moves that we make. This eventually led to a state where we stopped enjoying the game altogether. So, we both collectively decided to back off from this year’s tournament,” he added.


Crazy Mohan is not just an actor, comedian, screenwriter and playwright. An engineer by profession, he is also a distinguished artist who has sketched/painted many aesthetic paintings, including portraits of spiritual leaders and eminent personalities, Raja Ravi Verma’s portraitures and portraits of Gods and Prophets.

“My first love is painting. I have been painting even before I became known as ‘Crazy’; I was Ram Mohan (Rangachari Mohan) then. My grandparents encouraged me to take it up. Painting is my first love, poems, my second and humour comes only after that,” he said in an interview.

Not many know that Mohan is an artist and a devotee of Kanchi saint Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, fondly called as Maha Periyavar by many. He did a great job with the painting. It seems that he drew a painting of the saint on the back cover of his math notebook when he was at school.

By Naveen

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