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Ivanukku Engeyo Macham Iruku – Review by Naveen

Ivanukku Engeyo Macham Iruku

– Review

With films like ‘Trisha Illana Nayanthara’, ‘Harahara Mahadevaki’ and ‘Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthu’ setting the mood and the stage for adult-comedy genre, director A R Mukesh scores big with a hot and happening travel in ‘Ivanukku Engeyo Macham Iruku’.

Hitherto seen as a rural innocent youngster, Vemal plays a London-return stud in the movie and tickles well the funny bone of the audience in the company of Singampuli, Anandaraj and Mansoor Ali Khan.
And there are Miya Rai Leone, who is related to Sunny Leone and Ashna Javeri to add to the glamour quotient. All these talents, backed by a fun-filled script and execution by Mukesh, make ‘Ivanukku Engeyo Macham Iruku’ an entertaining and engaging film.

Hari (Vemal) and Giri (Singampuli) work in a pharmacy during the day and double up as smalltime robbers in night. But their targets are too small- like mosquito bats, talcum powder and soap boxes.

Since they don’t want to get caught by the police, they steal small items like this and sell them later for a meagre amount. 
Both have a back story. While Vemal, who was working as a waiter at a pub in London, had actually fled to India unable to bear the sex torture from a horny female (Miya Rai Leone), Giri’s wife had eloped with some other man.

One day, the two happen to steal Rs five lakh each. Following this, a police officer (Mansoor Ali Khan), who owns the money, deputes his junior (Poorna) to catch the thieves.

But the woman cop is not the only one who is behind the duo. While the family of Vemal’s lover Surekha (Ashna Zaveri) wants to murder him for sleeping with their daughter, a local don (Anandaraj) is chasing for a medicine box and the horny woman reaches India in search of Hari.
The director has overcome the mistakes done by the makers of the recent adult-comedy genre movies and has presented a colourful movie that keeps the audience entertained from the word go.

While the glamour scenes will sure be enjoyed by the youngsters, the comedy scenes, reminding one of Sundar C movies, will be enjoyed by everyone. With very little flaws, ‘Ivanukku Engeyo Macham Iruku’ will not make you regret for watching the movie.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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