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If Indian film industry is searching for an answer to Hollywood’s ‘Avatar’, here is ‘2.0’, a visual extravaganza by director Shankar that shows superstar Rajinikanth in multiple avatars.
The film, a sci-fi fantasy adventure, has lifted the level of Indian cinema in general and Tamil film industry in particular by several notches. And it also conveys a much needed message to the society, however in an engaging manner without any preachy tone.
Just like the film, we too will go into the story straight without wasting time. A man commits suicide by hanging himself on a mobile tower. Soon, mobile phones start disappearing from the hands of people as they are snatched away by some extraordinary force.
Also, three prominent persons- a tower company owner, a mobile store boss and telecom minister- are killed in mysterious and brutal ways. The government brings in the military to control the situation, but nothing can stop the force from taking away mobiles.
Following this, union home minister asks Dr Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) to reactivate Chitti (Rajini again), a robot which was dismantled eight years ago (recall ‘Enthiran’). This is being done despite opposition from another scientist, who is the son of Dr. Bora (the villain of ‘Enthiran’).
The team of Vaseegaran, Chitti and robot Nila (Amy Jackson) finds out that all the bad things are the handiwork of Patchiraja (Akshay Kumar), an ornithologist who commited suicide in the first scene.
With Patchiraja and birds taking revenge on mankind for ‘eliminating birds with mobile radiation’, the onus is now on Vaseegaran and Chitti to set things right. How they do it is the rest of ‘2.0’.
We bet, no other actor than Rajini can do this film and pull it off this way. He may be 68, but he is like 18 on screen thanks to his passion, energy, performance and the mere presence. Salute to his hardwork.
Akshay Kumar is the biggest strength of this movie after Rajinikanth. His hard efforts have paid rich dividends and his role is a memorable, touching and menacing one. Amy Jackson steals our heart as Nila. And if you wonder what has happened to Sana (Aishwarya Rai), ‘2.0’ has the answer.
Dialogues by Jeyamohan, Shankar and Karky are sharp and they remind us of Sujatha. Rahman’s background score elevates the movie to international standards. Equally doing enough justice is Nirav Shah’s cinematography and visual effects by multiple teams.
Produced by Lyca on a lavish budget, the film lacks logic in many scenes. But that’s the beauty of sci-fi genre. ‘2.0’ is here to serve you a sumptuous treat this weekend and don’t miss this digital delight on 3D.

Rating: 4 out of 5

By Naveen


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