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Gayathri Raghuram denies drunk driving and police action

Gayathri Raghuram, actress, choreographer and ‘Bigg Boss’ participant, has refuted reports in few sections of the media which claimed that she was caught by the police when she was driving a car under the influence of alcohol.
“I don’t how I make it to the news headline all the time. I’m sick and tired of allegations. Anyways I’m not keeping well the last couple of days. Please stop disturbing me and my privacy. Please consult with me before spreading any news about me,” she said in a statement.
“To hide something else I’m the news. Pen and paper can be strong. But not stronger than my soul and life. Continue writing and I continue to live stronger. The one who created this fake news he was press reporter who was caught drunk and driving.
I finished my shoot and was dropping my co-star at home. I was stopped for normal checking. No such incident fighting with a cop, press reporter ended up writing whatever came in mind.
I did not have license other documents with me and it was in my different handbag. Traffic police came with me to check the documents. I, in fact, appreciated their work there was no quarrel he spoke about my father and he was in fact fan of me we took a selfie. I drove the car.
If I was drunk they wouldn’t have let me drive my car again. Stop cooking stories. There was no speeding or anything full of lies. Unfortunate not to know the reporter’s name who was caught.
I and cops had a brief conversation I was there only for 10 mins.I’m not worried about being in the news and I don’t care. It’s just the news reporter who spreading this was caught for drunk and driving. But everyone let him go but I’m targeted. Very nice place to live with no privacy. Anyways there are a lot of other important things in life take care. God bless all,” she said.

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