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The celluloid world does occupy an important realm in our day-to day lives. There is a mutual relationship between movies and society, wherein movies reflect society, while society reflects on these movies simultaneously. Most of the people in their teenage and adolescence, forget everything else in those three hours and completely submit to the ideology of the movie they are seeing without questioning, be it romance, comedy, action or thriller. 

Crime by juveniles is a harsh reality in India. The recently released Vijay Antony starrer film ‘Thimiru Pudichavan’ dealt with the crime by juveniles. One of the juveniles in the film Sai Raghul as ‘Majith’ and his associates gave us a glimpse of a real life juveniles who involve in heinous of the crimes. Sai Raghul opens up about his studies, career in Computer Graphics, acting and so on.

Sai Raghul showed keen interest on watching computer graphics games during his very early days. His interest on computer graphics shaped well when he was studying 7th standard. After completing his plus two, he chose to study B.Sc. Film Technology in the SRM Arts and Science College. His father Raj Bhaskar who is a musician by profession gave nod to Sai Raghul to take his own decision regarding his future.

  1. Raj Bhaskar is fondly called as ‘One Day Bhaskar’ for his swift work in finishing Back Ground Score for any movie in a day. Sai Raghul’s grandfather Kalidoss who died of  age related ailments recently worked as a Sound Operator in the AVM Re-recording Theatre. Recently Raj Bhaskar received ‘Achievement Award’ for Background Score in more number of films in Kannada. This yearly award function was organised by Swathi Ambareesh under the Karnataka Kale Mathura Sadhane Academy.  More interestingly, Raj Bhaskar is the co-brother for famous actor M.S Bhaskar. Sai Raghul has deep roots related to cinemas. Now he is doing his final year ‘Modelling Graphics’.

On getting a plumb role in ‘Thimiru Pudichavan’, Sai said that one of his friends Saravanan’s mother informed about the audition for the film. He went  to attend the audition and he was selected. Sai was surprised and spell-bound. The selectors asked him to grow long hair and beard. He was in all praise for the director Ganeshaa and Vijay Antony for making him feel at home while shooting. Both of them told that Sai would have a bright future in the film industry. Interesting he had an experience in acting in a drama ‘Siri Siri Mama’ at the age of three.

Sai is more inclined to do acting than mastering in Modelling Graphics for the connect he would have with audiences. After being settled in life, he wants to spend his hard earned money for doing social services.

Movies and shows not only narrate stories, they also tend to explore and communicate a variety of ideas and themes. one can realize the power of the movies in shaping the minds of the youth. This could have a positive and optimistic potential, as well as be holding seeds of propagating destructive activities. Sai Raghul and his associates transformation in ‘Thimiru Pudichavan’ would definetly have a positive impact.

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