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While writing an engaging story certainly requires a big talent, converting it into an interesting movie demands a different knack, which is lacked by many.
‘Vandi’, directed by Rajesh Balachandran starring Vidharth, John Vijay and Chandini Tamilarasan in key roles, almost falls into this category. But there are some scenes which actually save the flick.
Krishna (Vidaarth), Rafiq and Arun work in different places but share a single room. While Krishna is a waiter at a hotel, Rafiq is employed in a roadside eatery and Arun works at a railway parking lot.
For all the three, money is a worrying issue as they earn less. They have their own set of problems and they often consume liquor together.
One day, Krishna loses a costly mobile phone of a gangster-type and lands in trouble. Arun uses a two-wheeler parked in his bike stand and it happens to be a stolen one.
Not just that, the vehicle was even used in a robbery and this lands Arun in soup. How the three men rescue themselves from problems is what Vandi all about.
Vidaarth is in his full form these days and in ‘Vandi’ too, he continues his good show of ‘Kurangu Bommai’, ‘Oru Kidaayin Karunai Manu’ and ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’. Others in the cast are okay.
While the film is adequate technically, more conviction in executing the idea into a full-fledged feature film could have helped it a lot.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5

By Naveen


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