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Utharavu Maharaja – Review by Naveen

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Utharavu Maharaja

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Debutant director Asif Kuraishi, the brain behind ‘Utharavu Maharaja’, had said in his one of his recent interviews that he was a fan of Alfred Hitchcock and his first film was a ‘psycho thriller devoid of the conventions of the genre’.
In the same interview, he had also made it clear that ‘Utharavu Maharaja has no message as such in it and the protagonist (Udhaya) has four different dimensions to his character.
While all his claims are true, we can’t avoid the feel after watching ‘Utharavu Maharaja’ that the filmmaker with such an innovative and interesting script could have delivered it as a punchy product. For, the end-product is only half good.
Ravi (Udhaya) is the son of a dhobi and a traumatic mishap in his childhood makes him suffer from dissociative identity disorder, a rare mental ailment.
He gets inebriated one night and when he wakes up, he hears a strange voice from inside his head. The voice belongs to a ‘king’ and it commands Ravi to do various things.
In the meantime, an entrepreneur alleges that Ravi, posing as Vasu, stole away a whopping Rs 400 crore from him. Enters Dr Arun Bose (Prabhu) to set things right.
What is really happening to Ravi? What is/Who is behind the voice of the king? Is it really Ravi who robbed the businessman off the huge money? Utharavu Maharaja has the answers.
Udhaya has performed well, but he should fully focus on choosing the right scripts. Kovai Sarala and Prabhu, both veterans, have offered solid support to the movie with their performance.
Music composer Naren Balakumar’s background score is loud, while two songs are okay. There are enough moments in the movie to keep us engaged and ‘Utharavu Maharaja’ is for those who enjoy scripts with difference.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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