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Kalavani Mappillai – Review by Naveen

Taking for a ride

Kalavani Mappillai

– Review

Both ‘Kalavani’ and ‘Mappillai’ are super hit flicks in Tamil cinema’s history. And ‘Kalavani Mappillai’, directed  by Gandhi Manivasagam with Dinesh in the lead role, is a neither nor there kind of stuff. But we should accept it evokes laughter in many places.
The story goes like this: Deva (Dinesh) comes across a beautiful veterinary doctor Thulasi (Aditi Menon), and soon, they start loving each other. Thulasi is the daughter of a rich woman (Devayani), who hates lies.
Cut to the past, Devayani’s husband (Anandaraj) marries her by hiding the fact that he doesn’t know to drive a car. When Devayani’s father falls ill, he dies since there is no one at home who knows to drive car to take him to hospital.
Hence, Devayani decides that her daughter should marry someone who knows well to drive. However, Deva doesn’t know driving since an astrologer had told him that he should not drive for 18 years.
But Deva decides to hide the fact and arrangements for his marriage with Thulasi happen. Is Devayani able to find out the truth? If so, what is Deva’s fate after that?
Dinesh, who scored well in his recent outing ‘Annanukku Jay’, delivers an average performance in ‘Kalavani Mappillai’. Devayani performs well but her lousy hair-do doesn’t gel.
Aditi Menon looks beautiful and emotes well too. Munishkanth, Anandaraj and Rajendran have done their respective jobs well.
The film is average technically, but Saravanan Abhimanyu’s  visuals are good. One song is nice by Raghunanthan. Though the ingredients are good, the final dish is not fully tasty. But still, the director manages to serve something that doesn’t make us to complain much.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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