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Sivakumar says sorry for knocking down phone of youth

A day after he was caught in the middle of a controversy for knocking down the mobile phone of a youth who attempted to click a selfie at a function, veteran actor Sivakumar issued a video statement on Tuesday, expressing apology for his angry act.
He said in the video: “Eager fans in a huge crowd tend to get excited like this. A popular actor has to bear with it. For all those who thought my actions were indeed wrong, I express my deepest regret. My heartfelt apologies to everyone, I am very sorry.”
On Monday night, soon after many posted on social media slamming him for his act, Sivakumar clarified his stand through a statement, in which he said, “Taking selfies is something that involves the own interests as it might be something to relish with memories across your vacations and celebratory moments. I have no allegations or claims to make upon one’s personal interests. But when it comes to treating a socialite or a celebrity, it shouldn’t be the same there, where they deserve their privacies and respect too. It happened that from the moment I stepped out of the car and walked into the venue that was occupied with 200-300 people, I felt little disappointed to see around 20-25 people clicking selfies by pushing the volunteers and guards who accompanied me there.
What I personally feel is that it is a courtesy to ask any celebrity or any person before they start clicking photos with them. A celebrity cannot be treated or taken for granted as a public property . I am someone, who has never hesitated to take photos at airport and any gatherings with hundreds and thousands of people.
I am not claiming myself as Buddha or a saint, but an ordinary person like you and am leading a life that I love.
Moreover, I am not requesting anyone to accept me as their leader or inspiring hero. Everyone is a hero in their own lives with their own ideologies, but at the same time, we should think at least for a while on how some of our deeds might affect others.”
The youth was attempting to take a selfie with him at the inaugural event of a fertility center, when knocked down the phone off the former’s hand.

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