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Sri Reddy posts something sensational again

Known for making wild sexual charges against many celebrities, Sri Reddy recently bagged a role in Raghava Lawrence’s upcoming film.
And now, she has posted something sensational once again. “One more big celebrity is there in nadiagar sangam,who harrassed heroines including side actresses for sexual favours.. in front of media he is talking very clever,i saw today..” she said.
Sri Reddy added: “But remember mr.fake perfect,I wl not leave you..I know your size nd color too..i wl prove to media also nd to the lawyers also..i hv pakka proof..”
“U do what you can do..u gave money too to few women after u slept forcibly,do u think u are ruling Tamil film industry & nadiagarsangam &producer council??how much u r earning through this producer council few people met and told to me..chi chi paaapam da..”
“Get marry soon..or else she wl leave after listen this shit..you are a no1 black mailer..everything set..count down started..good night..jai jailalithamma..(” she concluded.

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