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Jarugandi Review by Naveen

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Director Pichumani has presented a racy film, which talks about a common man who gets caught in a tough situation, in ‘Jarugandi’, which has Jai in the lead role.
The film, produced by Nitin Sathya, gives us tense and entertaining moments in equal doses, thanks to a taut screenplay and racy presentation.
It talks about Sathya (Jai) who hails from a lower middle class family, which includes his mother and sister. He finds it difficult to make ends meet and is ready to go to any extent to make money.
Sathya and his friend Paari (Daniel Annie Pope) forge documents and obtain bank loan worth Rs 50 lakh with the help of a broker Samuel (Ilavarasu) to start a travels company.
A corrupt cop (Bose Venkat) smells this and threatens Sathya to give him Rs 10 lakh or else to face legal action. Following this, Sathya tries his best to earn Rs 10 lakh.
He comes across a rich businessman Gajendran (Robo Shankar), who says he will give Rs 10 lakh if Sathya and Paari help him enter wedlock with Keerthy (Reba Monica) with whom he is in madly love with.
Sathya kidnaps Keerthi and also realises that she has been targeted by a human trafficking gang. Will he be able to save Keerthi and escape from the police office as well?
From beginning till end, ‘Jarugandi’ keeps us engaged with thrilling moments. With Robo Shankar and Daniel easing us with their funny scenes, Reba, as damsel in distress, performs good. Jai shoulders a huge responsibility and does a neat job.
Cinematography by RD Rajasekar and Bobo Sashi’s music add immense value to the movie, while Praveen K L’s cuts are interesting. Though there are few lagging moments, Pichumani has overall presented a gripping thriller.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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