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Sandakozhi 2 – Review by Naveen

Pride of the place

Sandakozhi 2

– Review

When ‘Sandakozhi’ hit the screens in 2005, it set a new trend for commercial movies in Tamil cinema. Without a top hero in the lead (Vishal was almost a newcomer then), it tasted huge success thanks to a racy screenplay loaded with mass-masala moments.
Cut to 2018, the combo of director N Lingusamy and Vishal are back with the movie’s sequel ‘Sandakozhi 2’. And this one, which is not as good as the first part, has its own moments and will satisfy family audience especially in so-called B and C centres.
And the story goes like this: Durai (Rajkiran) is a respected man in Theni district and people listen to his words. In a temple festival years ago, Pechi’s (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) husband gets killed in a group clash.
Following this, she vows to finish off all men in the opposite clan, but one man named Anbu is left out. Durai now takes responsibility to protect Anbu at any cost.
In the meantime, villages in the locality organise for a festival after a gap of seven years, which also marks the return of Durai’s son Balu, who leaves the native following an incident that dejected him, from far away.
With Durai getting injured severely, Balu takes up the twin responsibilities of conducting the festival in a peaceful manner and protecting the life of Anbu.
But Pechi is not ready to keep calm and makes all efforts to unleash hell. In the meantime, Balu is also in love with a chirpy girl (Keerthy Suresh), who aspires to becomes a police officer.
If you see Vishal on screen in ‘Sandakozhi 2’, you will not believe that 13 years have passed off since the first part. He looks almost the same and his performance is top-notch.
While Keerthy Suresh is bubbly and reminds one of Laila and Genelia, Varalakshmi unleashes terror with her eyes and body language. Rajkiran delivers goods in his role, which is an extension from the first part.
Shakthi’s cinematography makes the movie richer for the visuals are stunning. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score adds more tempo to the already racy screenplay.
Lingusamy, who badly needed a break after the ‘Anjaan’ disaster, has conceived a potential hit in ‘Sandakozhi 2’ and wins with mass elements and power-packed screenplay. The sequel may not be on par with the first part, but it will certainly not disappoint you.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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