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If you are under the impression that director Ram Kumar and actor Vishnu Vishal can only shine in a comedy film like ‘Mundasupatti’, it’s time to change your idea totally.
For, their second outing together, ‘Ratsasan’, is a 100 per cent contast to their previous venture, as this one is an edge-of-the-seat, adrenaline pumping and nail biting (you can use other adjectives too) crime thriller.
Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) is an aspiring filmmaker. He has a murder mystery script in his hand and approaches producers to make it as a film. But he faces rejection at all places.
Arun’s family situation forces him to drop chasing his dream and to become a police officer, as his late father was a cop and his uncle (Ramadoss) too works in the police department.
As soon as he joins the department, Arun comes across the murder of a school girl. Even as he starts following the case, more murders happen and Arun realises a psychol killer is on prowl.
Though his egoistic superior (Suzane George) discourages him, Arun investigates the murder based on the inputs he had collected for the script. Soon, a murder happens close to him and things get personal between the killer and Arun.
Who is the murderer? What is the motive behind? Is Arun able to catch the killer or not? ‘Ratsasan’ has all the answers.
The story as such is nothing new and is common to all murder mysteries. But the way Ramkumar has presented it and Vishnu Vishal has performed makes all the difference. Kudos to the duo for delivering a solid product.
Amala Paul’s is like an extended supporting cast, while Suzane George, Kaali Venkat and Ramdoss among others have performed well.
Ghibran’s background score is spooky and almost wall-to-wall, while P V Sankar’s cinematography is worth mentioning. Equally good is editing by San Lokesh. Produced by Axess Film Factory, ‘Ratsasan’ stands gigantic among thrillers despite the second half not being as good as the first half.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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