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Suriya’s gesture to Vijay

Suriya’s 2D Entertainment is getting active and aggressive in bankrolling films. Its new project, ‘Uriyadi 2’, has hit the floors. Like the first part, the sequel too will be directed by Vijay Kumar, who will play the lead role as well.
Sources say Suriya and his friend Rajasekar Pandian (who heads 2D) were impressed by ‘Uriyadi’ and hence, they wanted to produce its sequel with the same team.
“Uriyadi 2 will be as racy as Uriyadi. Besides, it will also carry home an important message. Plans are on to complete the movie at the earliest and to release it by early next year,” sources say.
‘Uriyadi’ is a 2016 political action thriller film written, directed and produced by Vijay Kumar starring Vijay Kumar himself in the lead role, along with Mime Gopi and Citizen Sivakumar. It was released in cinemas on 27 May 2016, to high critical acclaim, with critics providing phenomenal reviews praising its screenplay, direction, originality and realism.
It is considered as an unmissable masterpiece and was lauded as one of the best political thrillers in Tamil cinema. Since its release, ‘Uriyadi’ has enjoyed a fervent and passionate fan following and Vijay Kumar is held in high regard.

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