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U Turn

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While remaking a film in some other language, a lot of things need to be taken care of. First, the movie’s plot should not get diluted or diverted. Second, the script and dialogues should be localised. And the list goes on.
Director Pawan Kumar, who has helmed ‘U Turn’ in Tamil and Telugu after making its original in Kannada under the same title, has got the tricks right and has presented a gripping super natural thriller.
A woman trainee reporter (Samantha) at a newspaper is working on a story on a string of mishaps happening on a flyover in the city.
During the course of her investigation, she finds that some motorists move blocks that partition the road just to take a U-turn, but they don’t move them back. Eventually, the blocks lying randomly cause many accidents.
A homeless man sitting on the flyover notes down the vehicle numbers of motorists who take the U-turn by violating the rule. He gives those details to the budding journalist.
She tracks them one by one and is shocked to the core to find that all of them died on the day they broke the traffic rule.
The police come to know about these incidents and an inspector (Aadhi) helps the reporter to uncover the mystery. But the journey leads to so many twists and turns.
How did the deaths happen? Are they suicides or murders? Are the deaths connected to each other and to the flyover? Why do they all die on the day they moved those blocks? U-Turn directed by Pawan Kumar has the answers to all these questions.
Samantha is rock solid and here is a power-house performer to do women-centric movies. She effortlessly shoulders the burden and delivers goods scene after scene. Aadhi, Bhumika, Naren and Rahul Ravindran are adequate.
Niketh Bommireddy’s cinematography and Poorna Chandra Tejaswi’s muscial score elevate the mood and enthrall the audience. Pawan has avoided the mistakes of the Kannada original and presented Tamil ‘U Turn’ as a gripping tale.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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