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Aaruthra – Review by Naveen

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This seems to be the week of films on serial killers. A day after Nayanthara’s ‘Imaikka Nodigal’, Pa Vijay’s ‘Aaruthra’ has hit the screens with the same theme. But there is a huge difference however.
While the antagonist is the serial killer in ‘Imaikka Nodigal’, ‘Aaruthra’ has the protagonist doing it. And he has a noble reason with a personal angle to do it.
A string of murders take place in various parts of the country. The modus operandi of all the killings is similar and the one who is doing these commit the murders as a proud devotee of Lord Siva.
A private detective Avudaiyappan (Bhagyaraj) investigates the case and he develops suspicion over Siva (Pa Vijay), who leads a simple life with his family in Chennai.
Avudaiyappan brings all the pieces together and catches Siva almost red-handed. Now opens the flashback, where Siva’s past is revealed. He had a beautiful family, including father, mother and sister.
One day, his sister gets abused and killed brutally. Hence, to teach a lesson to wrong-doers, Siva takes law in his hands and is on an Anniyan-type mission.
Pa Vijay, who is in-charge of multiple departments including acting and direction, has done justice. Veteran Bhagyaraj fits well to the role of a detective.
While Vijay has no doubt focussed well on the script, he has missed the bus on technical aspects. Also, he could have made the first half more interesting and impressive. Overall, ‘Aaruthra’ is about a man with a mission and a message.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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