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Annanukku Jey – Review by Naveen

Long live, laughter

Annanukku Jey

– Review

Comedy is a serious business, they say. And it is doubly so to deliver comedy in a script of serious nature. But director Rajkumar has pulled it off in ‘Annanuku Jey’.
Starring (Attakathi) Dinesh in lead role, the movie speaks about a youth who wants to become a top politician, in a bid to teach a lesson to a local politico.
Despite the movie having all the potential to become another ‘Madras’- a political thriller with all seriousness- the director has treated with loads of humour.
He takes a dig at present political situation, but that too by tickling the funny bone of the audience. Kudos to him for presenting a bitter medicine in a sweet package called humour.
Matta Sekar (Dinesh), who lives in a mofussil area called Mullai Nagar, helps his father Murugesan (Mayilsamy), in toddy business.
Irumbukkai Selva (Dheena), an office-bearer of an influential political party, starts a bar in the locality. But still, people living there prefer toddy sold by Murugesan.
This irks Selva who uses his political clout to remove Murugesan out of business. Following this, Sekar seeks the help of Parasuraman (Radha Ravi), a senior functionary in the same party.
Triggered by this, Selva destroys Murugesan’s toddy shop. Sekar decides to take revenge and for that, he plans to become a politician. Is he successful in his mission?
Dinesh has come up with terrific performance, while Mayilsamy, Mahima Nambiar and others add value to their respective roles. Technically average, ‘Annanuku Jey’ scores with its script and performance by lead actors.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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