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‘Mohini’ directed by Madhesh starring Trisha in a dual role is an eerie revenge thriller which faithfully follows the template set by directors who made movies in this genre earlier.
And this acts as both plus and minus for the movie. Plus in the sense of making us familiar to the scheme of things and minus in the sense of giving us a sense of deja vu.
Vaishnavi (Trisha) is a leading chef and she goes to London with her aides Panju (Yogi Babu) and Balki (Swaminathan). In the United Kingdom, she comes across Sandeep (Jackky Bhagnani) and it’s love at first sight.
Even as things are going on smooth, Vaishnavi and her friends go on a boat trip. During the journey, Vaishnavi finds a conch shell.
While trying to blow the shell, a spirit enters her body. The spirit belongs to Mohini (Trisha, again), a look alike of Vaishnavi and it wants to take revenge on those who are behind her death.
It also emerges that Sandeep is linked to the antagonist (Mukesh Tiwari), who is responsible for Mohini’s death. With Mohini trying to kill both, others realise the seriousness.
The rest is all about what has really happened to Mohini, whether the spirit took revenge or not and what happened to the love story of Vaishnavi and Sandeep.
Two talents should certainly be appreciated- Trisha and the cinematographer. They simply make things works despite the writing and making letting them down. The casting is adequate but actors like Yogi Babu could have been used better.
Thouh Madhesh has conceived few chilling scenes, he could have focussed more on the script and infused some novel ideas.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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