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Tamizh Padam 2 – Review by Naveen

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Tamizh Padam 2

– Review

Eight years after ‘Tamizh Padam’, the same team of director C S Amudhan and Shiva have come together for ‘Tamizh Padam 2’, and we can say the sequel has not disappointed the fans.
The team has spoofed almost all hit movies of the recent years. And what’s next? Top politicians from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam too have not been spared.
Coming to the story, it is too simple-
Shiva (Shiva) is an undercover police officer who is on a mission to catch dreaded don P (Sathish), who often changes his looks.
Besides his job, Shiva also has to settle a personal score with the villain. In the meantime, Shiva’s rich past too is revealed. Is he able to achieve his mission or not is the crux of ‘Tamizh Padam 2’.
But the way the story has been narrated, by spoofing movies, stars and politicos, makes ‘Tamizh Padam 2’ a wonderful comedy movie. Kudos to Amudhan for coming out with such a funny script.
Shiva has done complete justice to the role and we can not even imagine someone else doing his character. Sathish is the villain and he tickles the funny bone in different getups. The cast has lot of other known faces and everyone of them has lived up to the expectations.
The other highlights of ‘Tamizh Padam 2’ are music by Kannan and cinematography by Gopi Amarnath. By fully understanding the idea behind the movie, these two talents have performed wonders.
If all is fair in love and laughter, ‘Tamizh Padam 2’ is certainly a gem which should not be missed by those who love spoofs. Good show Amudhan-Shiva and team.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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