‘Kumki 2’ is not a sequel: Prabhu Solomon


Director Prabhu Solomon, who is now busy with ‘Kumki 2’, has said the film would not be a sequel to his earlier hit film ‘Kumki’.

Giving details about the movie, he said, “Generally, the second part of any film will be the continuation from the first part but ‘Kumki 2’ has no connection to the original version other than elephants.”

He added: “Kumki 2 is all about a small boy’s relationship with a baby elephant and how they grow together. We searched a lot of baby elephants and finalized one in Thailand.”

While debutant Mathiazhagan is the protagonist, a hunt is still on for the heroine. RJ Balaji, Sreenatha, Kolangal Thiruchelvam, Akash and Suzzane, among others play key roles in this flick. The film’s shoot is taking place in Kerala and Thailand.


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