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Goli Soda 2

– Review

Vijay Milton made his stamp felt as director in ‘Goli Soda’, a film which spoke about the rise of ordinary people against evil-doers. The highlight was without getting preachy, the movie delivered its message, that too in an entertaining manner.
The cinematographer-filmmaker has almost tried the same in the sequel. And ‘Goli Soda 2’, though not as good as its first part, is racy and riveting in its own manner and keeps our eyes glued to the screen especially in the first half.
This time too, the story is about a bunch of youngsters. But they are totally strangers to each other. However, they are united by a common friend and guide named Natesan (Samuthirakani).
Siva (Vinoth) is an enterprising auto driver, who becomes victim of a politician-cum-loan shark (Saravana Subbaiah). There is Maran (Bharath Seeni), a gangster who wishes to reform himself to lead a calm life.
But he is unable to do so, as he is caught in the iron-clad grip of a don. There is one more protagonist Oli (Esakki Bharath), an aspiring basketball player, whose love affair is opposed by casteism.
How the three are linked by their common friend Natesan and whether they are successful or not in overcoming their challenges form the rest of Goli Soda 2.
All three lead actors have done a pretty good job. But the highlight is, no prizes for guessing, Samuthirakani, who delivers a splendid performance with much ease and elan.
Cinematography is one of the highlights of ‘GST 2’. However the music is loud, especially the background score. Despite a cliched and chewy second half, the film scores big in the first half and is once again a masala entertainer from Vijay Milton.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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