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While the development in technology has paved way for lot of positive changes, digitalism has its own share of cons too. Issues like hacking, phishing, trolling and trespassing are the pitfalls of technology.
Kollywood, which is one of the worst sufferers of online piracy (another disadvantage of technology), has made movies about the impacts of digitalisation. takes a look at some such films this week.
It is a 2018 Indian Tamil language techno thriller action film, directed by debutant P S Mithran. The film features Vishal, Arjun and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the lead roles, with Yuvan Shankar Raja composing the soundtrack.
The film presented us in detail how data is stolen and misused. Kathiravan (Vishal), an officer in the Indian army, has anger management issues. Though Kathiravan hates to borrow loans, a situation forces him to apply for a loan and he also gets the money into his account. But to his shock, he finds the money missing.
A probe by Kathiravan leads him to White Devil (Arjun), a dreaded and tech-suave baddy who creates havoc in the lives of people with the help of technology. What follows is a cat and mouse game between Kathiravan and White Devil.
The film by director Sajo Sundar attempted to create awareness on how intimate self-made videos make it to the net, but without crossing the line.
The story is about journalist Manoj (Ajay Raj) and his colleague Danny (Nijay), who are given with an assignment of getting feedback from the people on government’s decision to shut porn sites.
While doing so, Manoj comes across an intimate video of a husband-wife and they turn out to be his best friend Ankit (Prasanna Shetty) and Tripthi (Akriti Singh). On coming to know about the spread of the clip, Ankit commits suicide. Enraged, Manoj sets out to find the network behind the uploading of such videos.
His investigation is being aided by his cop friend Imran (Shan).  His search finally takes him to Vikram (Praboojit) and his gang of wicked software professionals.
It is a bilingual hostage drama written and directed by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan made simultaneously in Malayalam and Tamil. Dealing with the subject of voyeurism, it features Anandsami and Jayaprakash in the lead roles.
Aravind’s (Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan) growing estrangement with his wife, owing to his indulgence in virtual sexual relationships, paves way for his encounter with a stranger.
This random experience takes a turn for the worst when the stranger requests Aravind to witness his suicide on a Skype call.
Both films have Ajith in the lead role. Though technology is not the main theme of ‘Arrambam’ and ‘Mankatha’, there were scenes about hacking and phishing.
In ‘Arrambam’ directed by Vishnuvardhan, the climax scene is all about how Ajith and Arya hack a bank account and swindle ill-gotten money from it.
While in ‘Mankatha’ helmed by Venkat Prabhu, traffic signals would be hacked by techie Premgi Amaran, to pave way for the stealing of huge money from a truck.
A 2009 Tamil drama-thriller film directed by Chakri Toleti in his directional debut, ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ stars Kamal Haasan and Mohanlal in the lead roles.
The film tells the story of City Police Commissioner of Chennai, Irinjalakkuda Govindan Raghavan Maraar (I G Ragavan Marar) (Mohanlal) who gets an anonymous call. The caller (Kamal Haasan) demands that he release militants in exchange for information about many bombs planted across Chennai.
Maraar’s men realise that the caller is using advanced software to automatically switch the numbers and locations of his mobile phone SIM card every minute, rendering their manpower and the obsolete equipment useless and prompting them to employ the services of a young hacker, an IIT drop-out.
Towards the end, Maarar questions the IIT hacker to trace the caller, but he refuses. But Maraar looks in the hacker’s computer, discovers the location, and leaves abruptly towards the site.

By Naveen


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