Gautham Karthik’s “Devarattam” movie Launch evnt stills & News


Gautham Karthik’s     ” Devarattam ” movie will be held in the Direction of Director Muthiah .

Gautham Karthik is the film ‘Devarattam’ in the production of Studio Green Gnanavel Raja. Kuttippuli , arjun , komban Muttiah directed films is directing this film.

The film is the 15th film of Studio Green Production Company !

After the film by Studio Green komban – Muttiah Alliance is the second film. 

Nivas Prasanna is composed for this film. Pravin K. is to make a film for Shakti Saravanan cinematography. Heroine, other characters and technicians will be announced after completion of exams.

“Devarattam” is the title of StudioGreen ‘s Production No 15th project.

Starring                –   Gautham_Karthik and Soori

Direction               – Muthaiya

Music – Nivas Prasanna

Camera                 –    Sakthi Saravanan

Editing                  –   Praveen KL

PRO                        –   Riaz K Ahmed


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