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A small action can lead to a big change. This fits to everyone of us. With this idea in mind, director Ravi Abbulu has dished out ‘Seyal’, a film that is both serious and entertaining.
The film, without being preachy, aptly delivers a social message. The seyal that the protagonist decides to do and its impact on his life is a lesson that audiences can take home.
The story revolves around a youth (Rajan Tejeshwar), who comes to a particularly notorious locality for some work.
There, he gets beaten by a local don (Chandra). This leads to changes in the lives of both Rajan and Chandra, with a video of their fight getting viral on the social media.
The sequence of events that happen after the incident and the action the protagonist decides to do, irrespective of the fact that the opposite person is whether friend or enemy is what Seyal is all about
Director Ravi is not new to Kollywood, as he was the one who made the memorable ‘Shajahan’, which had Vijay in the lead role. In ‘Seyal’, he has joined hands with newcomer Rajan Tejeshwar.
But you can not call Rajan as fresher, as he has performed like a seasoned actor. And he has a bright future in cinema. Kerala-based Tharushi is the heroine, and she has chipped in with her best.
The director has got on board several newcomers, and each of them have performed really well. Stunts by Kanal Kannan add value to the movie, while music by Santhosh Vipin, Elayaraja’s cinematography and Nirmal’s editing are of solid support.
On the whole, ‘Seyal’ conveys a right message to the society without being preachy. Director Ravi, hero Rajan Tejeshwar and producer C R Rajan deserve praise for this product.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

By Naveen


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