Vishal denies charges against him



Vishal has refuted charges made against him in an article on whistleblowing site Savukku that he had joined hands with Lyca in covering up the latter’s involvement in online piracy.

“That’s a huge allegation they are making on a production house and I really do hope they have proof to substantiate their claim. Is it a problem that they are funding my films, or other films as well? The Kerala police have nabbed the admins of TamilRockers. That said, we are trying to cut the mother source because all prints that have been uploaded online have been taken from theatres,” he was quoted as saying by TOI.

“That’s why we’ve been asking for a joint meeting with theatre owners. There should be thorough vigilance for at least four days after a film’s release inside the theater. Only then can we completely root out piracy,” he added.

In a press meet on Sunday, hitting out at a non-Tamil (Vishal) occupying the post of Nadigar Sangam general secretary and Producers’ Council president, TR asked why none of the members stood up for the Tamizh Thaai Vaazthu during the annual general body meeting of Producers’ Council.

“Vishal had not stopped Tamilrockers from released the pirated versions of Tamil films online, though it was one of Vishal’s promises,” he said.

He wanted to know why ‘Irumbu Thirai’ released in more than 300 theatres when Vishal himself had made the rule that a film must not release in more than 200 theatres.


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