Piracy: Lyca’s legal warning and Savukku’s strong reaction



After whistle-blowing website Savukku came out with an article linking Lyca with online piracy, the production house issued a statement warning legal action. Following this, Savukku published its reaction on its website. Here we publish both.

Lyca said: “A few days back, savukkuonline.com, carried an article accusing Lyca Productiosn of advocating and propagating online piracy. Lyca Productions is a leading Indian Film Production and Distribution Company. The domain names under which the so called piracy activities were carried out are lycamovie.com and lycamoovies.com.

Lycamovie.com was created on May 21st, 2014 under the admin name Tamil Tamilan. On May 22nd 2014, the website was re-directed to Tamilgun.com a popular online piracy site. On 2nd June 2014, lycamovies.com was created under the same admin name Tamil Tamilan. Subsequently, Lycamovies.com was also redirected to Lycamovie.com. Activities on both Lycamovies.com and Lycamovie.com were shut down by 29th June 2014. At this point, we would like to clearly state that neither Lyca Group nor Lyca Productions was in anyway associated with either of the domain names – lycamovies.com and lycamovie.com

Following this, the domain name lycamovie.com was not renewed by the previous admin Tamil Tamilan and it became free. Lyca Group undertook the domain name Lycamovie.com on July 5th 2017. Lyca Group could not acquire the domain name lycamovies.com as the domain name was renewed. It is common corporate practise to acquire domain names with prefixes and suffixes as a company expands. Presently lycamovie.com is redirected to lycaproductions.in, Lyca Productions’s official website. We would like to reiterate that Lyca Productions was in no way associated with lycamovie.com prior to July 5th 2017. Also post July 5th 2017, there has been no online piracy activities on lycamovie.com. Therefore the allegations against Lyca Productions are baseless and intenational to defame the company name.

As an organisation, Lyca Group has strongly advocated Anti-Piracy norms and has taken extensive steps to curb piracy for both our films and other films. If there is any substantiating evidence against us, we are willing to clarify at any forum.

It is disappointing that a verified online site like savukkuonline.com can carry such defamatory article without clarifying with us. That goes completely against journalistic integrity. It is further disappionting when other media houses carry this without checking with us or clarifying the same. We have decided to take stringent action against the media houses and personalities who have spoken against Lyca Group.

We at Lyca Productions believe in strong content creation and have always supported the film industry at every juncture. We request everyone not to believe baseless allegations and to clarify anything with us directly.”

Savukku reacted: “It was found that the domain’s name server came into the maintenance of LexSynergy Limited, a domain management firm on 4th September 2015 itself. This domain management firm is the authorised representative of Pettigo Comercio Internacional Lda, Rua das Hortas, 1, Edificio do Carmo, 5, Andar – Sala 500, Madeira, Portugal and WWW Holding Company Limited, 3rd Floor Walbrook Building, 195, Marshwall, London. We would like to point out that the entire Lyca group is owned by the firms Pettigo Commercio Internacional Lda and WWW Holding Company Limited.

Lyca Productions in their response had claimed that lycamovie.com was shut down on 29th June 2014. The domain lycamovie.com was actively hosting pirated content even after the date mentioned by Lyca i.e. 29th June 2014. It is for Lyca Productions to explain why they have issued a statement containing not half-truths, but lies.

The admin email address of lycamovie.com remains as domains@lexsynergy.com from 4th September 2015 to till date. Why this email remains as administrator email from 2015 to till date could only be explained best by LYCA Productions.

The domain lycamovie.com and lycamovies.com were registered and owned by one and the same person. While Lyca Productions in their response had admitted that they could takeover lycamovie.com alone and they could not take over lycamovies.com makes the mystery deeper and warrants a further probe.”


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