Nikesha to marry Prabhudeva?



There were reports in few sections of the media that actress Nikesha Patel was in a relationship with Prabhudeva and she would enter wedlock with the actor-choreographer-filmmaker.

Reacting to this, she said, “Im so fed up with media calls last few days its about time i clarify this is not true…this news has been completely misunderstood. I’m busy with work and family.”

Last month, on Prabhudeva’s birthday, the actress posted a selfie of her with him and wrote: “Happy birthday my world! My family! Sorry for the late post!The most amazing human in my life! Words cannot explain how much u mean to me…..prabhudeva.”

Later in an interview, she said, “You are asking about doing a movie with Prabhudeva but I want to marry Prabhudeva.”


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