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 Irumbu Thirai

– Review

 We are living in technology era. Secrets are no more secrets, as anything and everything is at the threat of getting stolen (or hacked, to put it in tech jargon).
‘Irumbu Thirai’, directed by P S Mithran with Vishal in the lead, presents us in detail how data is stolen and misused. The director has researched immensely on the subject and the results are there to be seen on the screen.
Kathiravan (Vishal), an officer in the Indian army, has anger management issues. At one point of time, he even tells his father (Delhi Ganesh)- ‘Ungala adichiduven nu bayama irukkappa’.
Though Kathiravan hates to borrow loans, a situation forces him to apply for a loan and he also gets the money into his account. But to his shock, he finds the money missing.
A probe by Kathiravan leads him to White Devil (Arjun), a dreaded and tech-suave baddy who creates havoc in the lives of people with the help of technology.
What follows is a cat and mouse game between Kathiravan and White Devil. In the meantime, we are also shown the plight of farmers, methods adopted by loan recovery agents etc.
Vishal has played his role with confidence and there are no hero-worship scenes. Samantha as psychology expert is a delight to watch. Delhi Ganesh is apt choice for his role, while Arjun is menacing.
Yuvan Shankar Raja has come up with background score that uplifts the mood of watching such a subject. Another big highlight is George William’s cinematography.
To mention the negative, much time has been taken to establish the characters, which is not required for a thriller of this type. Also, a song on Kathiravan could have been avoided.
But there is no denying that ‘Irumbu Thirai’ is an adrenaline-rushing thriller that keeps us on the edge of the seat in most scenes.

Rating: 4 out of 5

By Naveen


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