Samantha scared to touch her mobile phone



After being part of ‘Irumbu Thirai’, a film which deals with various problems in the internet world and how our privacy gets leaked, Samantha is scared of even touching her mobile phone.

“Today people are addicted to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but it’s wrong, we should wisely use these social networking platforms. ‘Irumbu Thirai’ will showcase the discrepancies in the social networking sites and create an awareness to audiences,” she says.

On cyber crimes, she said, “Though I am not a cybercrime victim, my friends lost lakhs of money through cyber scam by replying to messages which say that they won crores of money.”

Besides ‘Irumbu Thirai’, which has Vishal in the lead, Samantha is also looking forward for the release of ‘Nadigayar Thilakam’ (‘Mahanati’ in Telugu), a biopic on the life of legendary actress Savithri. She has played a journalist in the movie.


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