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Kathiruppor Pattiyal

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With a simple story and interesting (or unique) backdrop, director Balaiya Rajasekhar and his team impress us in ‘Kathiruppor Pattiyal’, a film which gives importance to romance and comedy.
Though the protagonist is fresh face, we have many known faces in the movie, including the heroine. The highlight of the film is its simplicity, decency and honesty.
Williams (Aruldoss), a Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer, decides to be strict to passengers flouting rules, as he is upset that people don’t give much respect to railway cops.
He instructs his subordinates to take stringent action against those who cross railway tracks, urinate at railway property, travel without ticket etc.
Accordingly, the cops arrest a bunch of men for violating rules and the list includes Sathya (Sachin Mani), who is on his way to Puducherry, to marry his girlfriend, Meghala (Nandita Swetha).
As he narrates his story to other commuters who were in custody, they decided to help him out. Are they successful in their attempt or not? Is Sathya able to join hands with Meghala?
Sachin Mani fits the bill and he has delivered a good performance. Nandita Swetha, as a young woman in love, has emoted well. The likes of Mayilsamy, Manobala, Senrayan and Arunraja Kamaraj have chipped in with their best.
While the technical departments including the music are okay, the director could have focussed more on screenplay to make it more crisp and interesting. But ‘Kathiruppor Pattiyal’ won’t disaapoint you if you are expectations are moderate.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By Naveen

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