‘Guru-Sishyan’ on the stage of ‘Thottra’ on the future of the heirs


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“Do not Crush the Creator’s Freedom”; Producer Suresh Kamakshi is the producer of this film
“Only three doors to a house for Tamil cinema”; RK Selvamani’s pain ..
“90 lakhs have been broken up for 12 songs”; RK Selvamani in turmoil
“I can not see my husband as a hero”; ‘Thaudra’ film maker
The director of ‘Thota’, who apologized on stage for making heroine
“The image title should only be recorded in one place”; Request to strengthen the ‘DoTra’ Music Exhibition
“What happened to the directors of the title? ; The question is
‘Thaadra’ is produced by Jayasendra Saravanakumar on behalf of JS Appurva Productions. Director Bhagyaraj’s disciple of Mathuraj has written and directed the story of the film.
Prithviraj Rajan is the heroine and the Malayalam actress Veena is the heroine in this film, director A Venkatesh, MS Kumar, Karthik Suburaj’s father Khajaraj, Thuppetti Ganesan, Maina Susan, Cool Suresh, child star Apoorva Sahana and Rajesh are acting in this film. Utharamaja is composed of this film.
The audio release of the film Thottra was held yesterday evening at Prasad Label in Chennai. The special guests of this function are K. Baghiraj, Pandiarajan, RK Selvamani, Empire, A. Venkatesh,

Meera Kathiravan,

Producers Kadali T. S. Thanu, JSK, Suresh Kamakshi, Vidiyal Raju, Kaniyammathan, Actors Bharath,, Srikanth,  Kalaiyarasan,   Aresh Kumar,

Actress Namitha’s husband and actor Veera,

Sharan, Bose Venkat, Loreku Saba Jeeva, actress Namitha, Vasundhara, Komal Sharma Tamilnad journalist association president DSRSbash, D. Many others including Selvakumar and film crew participated.

Speaking about the Tamilnadu journalist association president TSR Subhash congratulated the film,
The issue of solving the problem in Tamil cinema was discussed in the Tidy issue. “The recently published film was also titled Thea at the last time. This is the mess of the entry of the title in three places. In the same place it is necessary to take the tape in the board of directors or in the Writers’ Union “. RK Selvamani, on stage, demanded.
Actor Lukasabha Jeeva, who has been speaking, said, “Many of the filmmakers are getting unemployed, but they are getting a low salary because they call movie industry from Kerala. So if you create salary divisions for five hundred thousand, thousand and two thousand, you’ll be working on the films that get their desired salary. “
When the director’s empire speaks, “Fans and theater are like a husband and wife. If the wife leaves the husband and goes back to his hometown for a few days, he or she will have to come back sooner or otherwise. That’s how the cinema is going to watch movies for the longest time in the name of struggle.
Actor Bharath talked about “in the movie” Tatra movie titled Basmar. Prithvi said, “I love this film as a romantic movie. It is true that the movie was not only for me but also for many of those who worked in it, and I hope this film will be an epic.”
Actor Cool Suresh said, “Hero of the hero should catch the hands of the heroine and I should direct them to director A. Venkatesh too .. When the shooting of the scenes, the director cut the heroine’s hand and kept running and running the heroine Veena. Then the assistant directors had to run away, “he said.
Mina Susan, who plays the leading role in the film, said, “There is a man behind every woman’s success. And in a scene I have a cheek on my cheek. “
Speaking to the next speaker and director of the Pepsi workers’ union, Arke.Selvamani spoke about the film industry and the recent struggle. Has become. Even those who came to power from the cinema did not change it into a factory. If the strike is usually the workers who work in the cinema will suffer. But when we finished the strike we saw a lot of loss outside too. Not everyone except the manufacturer is loser. The producers were saved during the strike, without loss.
One of the producers and farmers is one. Both of them can not afford the price of their own. This field was not properly configured and they started pulling their way towards one side. So the cinema can not go in the right direction. To catch the fish, they have to remove the whales and move them to a different place. The fish of the producers should understand this.
If a song hits it, the sellers get a profit of 30 crores. But the creators who created it do not get 30 rupees. What is this system? We had to pay 90 lakh rupees for 12 songs to use the songs we have created in our ceremonies. But a company that does not give 90 lakh rupees to producers for the 12 films of the film, who used to buy only 90 rupees a day for a show for one day? Some thousands of crores make us earn someone else but we can not see several hundred rupees ..
A house for all state cinema .. a door .. But there is only three doors to Tamil cinema. So that anyone can enter in any way. That’s why the typing records are also the same. Even now the struggle has been done so that the producers do not pay their salaries in the subsequent films and make them pay out of the previous film’s income. We have not separated the producers. We have no disadvantage with them. If all are understandable and cooperate, the Tamil cinema will be a joyful one, “he said
Pandiarajan, the father of the famous director and father of the film Prithviraj, said, “Prithvi did not think he would have kept so many friends. My worry is that he has not yet come to a good position in the cinema. Success will not come as normal. If it comes immediately it does not have any respect. Everything has a good time. But it seems that the good time has come for Prithvi to see the film .. That’s the new tejas when you see Prithvi in ​​this film. “
Producer Kalaipuli Thanu said, “I was initially embarrassed by the fact that a female producer had entered the cinema. But it was a surprise to me when they saw their self-confidence .. The hero of this film Prithvi, if you learn from the paradigms how to keep the body. There are problems in the title, as the speakers here mentioned, and some years ago, they came out of the board of directors to register the ticket in our association. But after that, the matter was left in the lane. Even after the start of the initiative, You can. We are ready to cooperate. “
Director of the film, Mathuraj said, “My guru bhagyaraj sir saved my name after seeing this movie .. There is no better award than this .. I apologize to the heroine Vinna for shooting him in the shooting .. The film’s producer Chandra refers to me as another mummy” Pittar.
Producer Suresh Kamatchi said, “Everybody praises that the recent strike was a victory. So if I say anything wrong then it will be wrong. I request that RK Selvamani’s brother be directing the film at this time .. So that’s our hard work. Let the new people grow up, not always the big actors in cinema. So do not crush the producers’ freedom to make this film in the budget. Do not even have the right to decide who will make a film with the filmmakers who pictured millions of crores? “
Mike’s favorite director RK Selvamani reacted to him and said, “We are saying that there is no understanding in the producers. We are not ready for discussion again. If you put the salary to the people you want to make money, it will affect producers who come behind. Tell me the problems when taking the picture .. Okay .. Do not talk about things that last until last year .. You picturing millions of dolls .. Do you have the money back to the technicians? Loss is not .. It’s no longer a different producer .. That’s our intention. ” said..
Producer Jayasendra Saravanakumar said, “I became a producer to fulfill my mama’s last wish and to see my husband as an actor .. I have seen only two films in my life so far. The story of director Madhuraj has attracted me. I could not see my husband as a hero. He could not decide whether he would be set as a hero .. If the audience gets his reception, then the people and the directors decide that he is acting as hero in the following films.
Speaking at the end of the show, director K. Baghiraj said, “Pandiarajan has spoken to his son very much. If he feels that he is ahead of me, how much would I have done about my son Shantanu? Got the picture So that’s what we have to get to it all comes in time .. We do not have to worry about that. Producer said that he was giving a film to Madurai for my help director. The film has done well with the release of the film in such a way that with the producers in the film, Maduraj has saved my name. Many of the cinema is the villain acting as a hero. So Mrs. Kumar who starred in the film congratulates you to become a hero “

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