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Spirited Show
(Diya – Review)
Director Vijay, known for making movies that mainly revolve around human emotions, has come up with an eerie thriller that is focussed on the spirit of an aborted baby (yes, you read it right).
In ‘Diya’, he has attempted to strike a balance between eerie and emotional moments and has succeeded to a fair extent, despite some of the scenes being familiar.
The story goes like this: Thulasi (Sai Pallavi) and Krishna (Naga Shourya), both in 20s, are in relationship. As they get intimate physically, Thulasi ends up getting pregnant.
Their parents come to know of it and are shocked. Thulasi’s family members urge her to abort the baby, as she needs to focus on studies and become doctor.
Five years later, both get married. But Thulasi realises that those who compelled her for abortion, including her parents and the doctor, get killed.
Soon, she also realises that they are not natural deaths and are because of her ‘baby’, whom she calls as Diya (Baby Veronika).
And now, the next target of Diya is her own father. Is Thulasi able to save her husband or not forms the rest of the story.
Sai Pallavi, who is already popular among Tamil audience thanks to ‘Premam’, has made a solid Kollywood debut with ‘Diya’. Her performance is brilliant and powerful. RJ Balaji and other actors have done justice to their respective roles.
Director Vijay has been solidly backed by two talents- cinematographer Nirav Shah and music composer Sam CS. The two have elevated the movie watching experience.
On the flip side, the film is somewhat predictable from beginning till the end, which should not be the case for eerie thrillers. Having said this, we should also say that ‘Diya’ is a decent flick with some memorable scenes.

Rating: 3 out of 5

By Naveen


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