Rajini leaves for US, says he will launch political party soon


Superstar Rajinikanth left for the United States on Monday night on a personal trip. Amid buzz that he went there for health check-up, he told reporters that he would return in 10-15 days.

Stating that actor-BJP leader S Ve Shekher’s comments on women journalists was unpardonable crime, he also said that attacks on the police by the public too cannot be pardoned.

Asked about the controversy surrounding Aruppukotai professor Nirmala Devi, who allegedly attempted to lure students to offer sexual favours, the ‘thalaivar’ said, “If proved guilty, stringent punishment should be given.”

On politics, he said, “I am definitely starting a party. That is confirmed. The date of launching the party, I don’t know. It won’t be done without informing you (media).”

To a question on criticism against him, he said, “In politics, there will be criticism. In public life criticism cannot be avoided completely. It will be there.”


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